A Selection of Commisioned Projects


Bathroom Trompe Loeil Mural

This original landscape mural was handpainted on a bathroom wall above the tub. It measures approximately 7'x7'. The depth, view and color adds tremendous interest to this luxurious master bathroom.

Coral Reef Mural

This original landscape mural was handpainted on the wall in a courtyard pool home. It measures approximately 37'x7'. The realism of the various marine species around the coral reef makes it looking into a gigantic aquarium.

Tropical Garden Mural

A trompe l’oeil tropical garden mural. All the walls and ceilings were painted to create a stunning atmosphere in a private condominium entrance hall.

Birds of the Park Mural

This outdoor 24' x 42' mural can be seen in Riverside Park, Vero Beach FL. It was a group volunteer project of the Art Club, but Carol Makris designed it and painted all the birds.

Pelican Cove Mural

This outdoor mural was painted on a privacy wall outside of homeowner's driveway (5 ft x 25 ft).

Tuscan Garden View Mural

This acrylic mural is 8 ft high x 11.5 ft wide and painted directly in the recessed niche adding great dimension and color to the dining room.

Sky Ceiling Mural

This dining room ceiling was realistically rendered in oil paints. The effect adds more depth and atmosphere to any space.

Another Sky Ceiling Mural

Another great example of a sky mural that adds a dramatic effect and depth to this space.

Under the Old Oak Tree Mural

This mural was painted directly on the wall of a kid's hideout place.

Magpie Mural

This Gouache mural on mounted canvas (36 in x 72 in) was painted as a sample in the Graham Rust Mural Workshop in Suffolk, England.

Philippine Rice Terraces Mural

This 10' x 10' mural depicts the famous Philippine Rice Terraces. It was painted on two pieces of canvas and mounted to the wall.

Mediterranean Garden Mural

Custom mural (32 in. x 50 in.).