Decorative Finishes

Faux Finishing, Stenciling & Decorative Painting

Faux Finishing

Faux Finish Sample - Woodgrained Finish with Trompe L'oeil detail

A woodgrained finish with Trompe L'oeil panels and embelished details were applied to the elevator doors opening into a luxury oceanfront Condo.

Faux Finish Sample - Woodgrained Finish with Trompe L'oeil panels

Elevator doors with woodgrained finish, Trolpe L'oeil panels and embelished detail.

Faux Finish Sample - Faux Tumbled Marble Tile

Faux Tumbled Marble Tile is a multi-layer sample of faux tile and it was created using RS Crete (an interior/exterior product). Any type of pattern can be masked off for a custom design. Great for backsplashes.

Faux Finish Sample - Metallic Gold Fresco over Terracotta

Metallic Gold Fresco over Terracotta.

Faux Finish Sample - Textured LusterStone

Textured LusterStone is a multi-layered textured finish has an attractive old world quality and the metallic sheen makes an elegant statement.

Faux Finish Sample - Crackled Leather

The Crackled Leather faux finish has a beautiful texture and dimension. It can be applied to walls, molding or furniture. A wax topcoat adds a nice sheen and protective layer.

Faux Finish Sample - Iridescent Foil Finish

Iridescent Foil Finish.

Faux Finish Sample - Mica Rock with Foil Highlights

Mica Rock with Foil Highlights.

Faux Finish Sample - Matte and Shiny Mica Rock

Matte and Shiny Mica Rock.

Faux Finish Sample - Hammered Onyx

Hammered Onyx.

Faux Finish Sample - Textured Plaster with Twig Stencil

This faux finish is made of Textured Plaster with Twig Stencil.

Faux Finish Project - Hammered-Onyx

This project displays the Hammered Onyx finish on an accent wall. Colors - Black, Silver and Pearl.

Faux Finish Project - Woodgrained Door

A plain white-painted entry door was transformed into an old wooden-like door using woodgraining faux finishing technique.

Faux Finish Project - Marblelized Columns

A classic, veined marble finish perfectly suited for columns, wall panels or furniture.


Stencil Sample - Gates of Heaven

Dimensional Metallic Stencil.

Stencil Sample - Quebec

Quebec is a Dimensional Stencil.

Stencil Sample - Moroccan all over

Moroccan all over stencil.

Stencil Sample - Moroccan Tile

Moroccan Tile Stencil.

Stencil Sample - Venetian Damask

Venetian Damask Dimensional Stencil.

Stencil Sample - Ornamental Medalion

Ornamental Medalion Dimensional Stencil.

Stencil Sample - Parisian Panel Stencil

Venetian Plaster w. Parisian Panel Stencil.

Stenciling Project - Grapevine Stenciling

An old barrel got a new life with a sice grapevine stenciling and made it a focal point in the wine cellar.

Stenciling Project - Diamond Filigree Stenciling

Diamond Filigree Stenciling on the ceiling.